IBAM Tryouts 2021 (english Version)

IBAM is looking for talents in U14, JBBL and NBBL.

On the 2nd and 3rd of Juli the International Basketball Academy Munich (IBAM) host try-outs for their U14-Bayernliga, JBBL and NBBL teams.

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Was?IBAM Tryouts 2021
Wann?2.–3. Juli
Wo?Hall at Morawitzkystraße 6
Friday – U14 Bayernliga
years 2008 and 2009
17:00 - 18:30
Friday – JBBL
years 2006 and 2007
19:00 - 20:30
Saturday – NBBL
years 2003, 2004 and 2005
19:30 - 21:00


Registration does not automatically entitle you to participate. All participants will receive a confirmation of their registration by Wednesday, June 30 at the latest.

Locker rooms will be open from 20 minutes before the start.
However we are not allowed to use the showers at the moment.

Due to the Corona-Pandemic a current corona-test is required:
Official rapid-test (with certificate) not older than 24h or an official PCR Test not older than 48h.

We are looking forward to your registration
Your International Basketball Academy Munich

    An welchem Try-Out möchtest du teilnehmen?(Pflichtfeld)
    In which try-out do you want to participate?(Required fields)

    Persönliche Angaben
    Personal information
    Vorname/name (Pflichtfeld) Nachname/surname (Pflichtfeld) Geburtsdatum/Date of birth (Pflichtfeld)
    Nationalität(en)/Natiolatity (ies) (Pflichtfeld) Eigene Größe/own size (Pflichtfeld) Gewicht/weight (Pflichtfeld)
    Größe der Mutter (cm)/Size oft he mother (cm): (Pflichtfeld) Größe des Vaters (cm)/Size oft he father (cm):(Pflichtfeld) Weitere Hobbies/other hobbies:(Pflichtfeld)
    Contact information
    E-Mail/e-mail(Pflichtfeld) Telefonnummer/phone number(Pflichtfeld)
    Aktueller Wohnort/current city(Pflichtfeld) Aktuelle Schule/current School(Pflichtfeld) Aktuelle Klasse/current grade(Pflichtfeld)
    Fragen zu deinem Spiel
    Questions about your game
    In welchem Verein spielst du?/At which club do you play?
    In welcher Mannschaft und Liga hast du deine letzte Saison gespielt?/ In which team and league did you play in your last season?
    Wie lange spielst du schon Basketball (in Jahren)/For how long have you been playing basketball? (years)(Pflichtfeld) Auf welcher Position siehst du dich am ehesten?/On which position do you see yourself?(Pflichtfeld)
    Link zu Game- oder Workout-Videos (optional)/Link to game or workout videos (optional)

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    All participants must arrive on time for the tryout. There are changing facilities on site in the sports hall. Please allow time for a change of clothes. Please bring a ball, reversible shirt and drink.

    Participation is at your own risk, health suitability for the sport of basketball is required.
    Claims for damages and damages for pain and suffering against the organizer and his employees, temporary staff or other players, as far as the organizer, or their legal representatives have not acted intentionally or grossly negligent, are not applicable.
    No liability is assumed for sports equipment, clothing or other valuables brought along.

    Image rights
    With the participation in the IBAM tryout, IBAM UG receives from the participants and, if necessary, their legal guardians, the right to use and have used image and sound recordings of the participants in any way, without any restrictions in terms of location, subject matter and time. This assignment of parts of the personal rights includes in particular the right to broadcast image and sound recordings, to reproduce and distribute the recording physically and electronically, to show them and to use them and have them used multimedia and online, such as in the regional press.